Trestle Bike Park

Pro Line Trail

Banana Peel provides a controlled-accessed section of the Trestle® Bike Park for those with exceptional skills who are on top of their game! Banana Peel is located at the top of the Gemini Lift just past upper Bear Arms and includes the largest and most technical features in our bike park. A separate pass is required to access this area. To obtain a pass for the first time, one must watch a short video and sign an additional waiver.

Banana Peel provides some of the United States’ largest and most technically demanding features to those who are willing to take an extra step to increase their awareness of Pro Line trail safety and etiquette.

REMEMBER, everybody that enters this section is required to have their pass with them each time they enter!

The pictures below represent the level of difficultly on this Expert Only – Pro Line Trail

The Program

To get your Pro Line trail pass for the FIRST YEAR, you will need to do the following:

TO RENEW YOUR PASS EACH FOLLOWING YEAR, fill-out/sign the waiver, no video is required. SIMPLE.
You can do it at the same time you renew your Trestle season pass.